Monday, February 4, 2008

I Can Haz Laughs

I know this is a silly pointless site...

but it still cracks me up and I love it.


Curiouser and Curiouser

We had some very rainy days last week but this weeked was just lovely. I let the chickens out today to have a good run around the yard. They actually didn't play as much in the compost pile like they normally do. I was sitting closer to the house so they decided to kick up the leaves right by the side of the house and dig in the dirt of the garden area.

I'm not sure if it is due to the soil there or all the leaves but it seems like there were a ton of worms in there because the chickens had quite a feast. It was actually good for us because they're feet are so good at turning up the dirt. Its so fun to watch them. They just get so into it. You have to be amused by their purposeful digging and scratching.

I had some fun playing with Napoleon in the yard. I was sitting on the ground and he was snuggled up on my lap falling asleep for a while. And actually Gertie came really close by me. She was standing right next to me looking me over. I think she is intrigued by the fact that Napoleon likes to sit on my lap. She has done this a few times. I'm hoping that she will want to jump up on my lap too. I tend to talk to them all them time and sing to them some. They know my voice and by getting them used to me, it will be easier to get close to them if I need to. And they will sort of come when I call them.

It was a good day. They got some sun, ate some seeds and greens and ran around. There's more rain expected this week, so sogginess to follow.

Today's Feed: Egg Mash, spinach, cukes, zuchinni, clementine
Today's Eggs: Just one, but we had two each day for the last two days
Today's Temperament: Warm and full