Monday, June 20, 2011

Sites for Easy Fun and Tasty Recipes

Vegans love to talk about food and are, on the whole, "foodie" people.  We're concerned with taste, texture, quality, sourcing and freshness.  So, when you're around a group of vegans, foods going to be a topic of conversation eventually.  From our favorite breakfast, to the best tofu cream cheese to where to get a great meal. And while we like to come up with our own veggie creations, it's always fun to get inspiration and ideas from other vegans cooking on the web. 

Vegan Stoner is a great resource for cheap easy but tasty meals.  Plush I love their fun illustrations.

Happy Herbivore is one of my new favorites.  Lindsay has a great cook book as well.  All her recipes are low to non-fat, filled with easy to source ingredients and fast.  I really love her chocolate zucchini muffins and chick-pea tuna salad.

The husband really loves to try out ideas from Vegan Dad.  The recipes here are very kid friendly and are perfect for transitioning vegans because it's filled with lots of familiar favorites and comfort food.  If you're working to change over your whole household, there are great ideas here from "hot wings" (above) to sausages or "fish" fillets.

With so many resources and ideas, you won't be stumped for an answer to the "what do you eat" question.  What's great is while all of these are tasty, you get real life feedback and experiences, and no excuses!