Monday, August 31, 2009

Renoir and Tofu? Another Day on Sesame Street

I was on the Sesame Street sight looking at this adorable video of kids speculating about a Renoir painting (check it out!) and couldn't embedd the video, so I went to YouTube.

While I was there I found these blasts from the past...

Queen of Six (OMG! The kittens!)

Alligator King - 7

King of Eight

Ladybug Picnic - 12

These were some of my favorite Sesame Street segments of all time. Smart and fun. Why isn't there more of this good stuff instead of all the crummy kids programming now?

Monday, August 24, 2009


I wanted to share another great pet portrait my friend Miss C did. You may remember the Napoleon painting she did. For this birthday, she did an amazing drawing of Tulip and Petal...

Here's the inspirationi image -

If you enlarge the drawing image you can see how she captured the cute details like how their hooves are hanging over the edge of the table and their ears and knee-socks.
If you are interested in getting painting or drawing, send her a message via my email or on her Twitter page - @Miss_C