Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Meet Briar the Goat

We're so excited to FINALLY get these pictures out of our new boy, Briar!

Briar comes to us, as so many of our family has, through Red Dog Farm.  Briar (formerly Oreo) was brought out of a really bad situation through the goodness of three kind ladies who felt for this poor little boy.

Briar was tied up on a dangerous lot filled with metal and cans, with only a picnic table for shelter and no hay at all to eat.  The women would untangle him and bring him food and, eventually, convinced the owner to sell him to them.  They then brought him to Red Dog and the minute we saw him, we knew he had to come home to us!  I mean, how can you resist this face???

We think that he is half pygmy (what Tulip and Petal are) and half fainting.  He's the same age as Petal (3 years) but a bit smaller... and a lot fuzzier! 

Not only was Briar starved nutritionally, but he was very lonely as well.  Goats are herd animals and they are very friendly and affectionate.  When he met the girls they got along right away and started running all around the paddock.

Briar has been neutered so we will not be having any baby goats to contend with, so that's good.  And we plan on expanding the paddock area in the spring, as well as adding a giant rock from them to climb up on.

It's amazing that Briar is as good-natured as he is.  He has a few food protectiveness issues, not surprisingly, and some bonking that we need to get in line, but other than that he's a sweet boy.  I was able to put a collar on him (for safety) with no problem the first day.  You can see tons more pics on Flickr too.

So welcome, welcome, welcome our sweet boy!!!