Thursday, January 24, 2008

Baby, It's cold outside

I feel that I've been remiss in writing about my chicks. Mainly because this first winter has been a learning experience and I'm just trying to find my way with them and making sure they stay warm and healthy. One of the biggest issues has been the cold. We've had to make sure the water doesn't freeze. We've actually had an egg crack from freezing in the cold.

But overall they've been weathering it really well.

The other thing that I find challenging is the fact that it's dark way before I get home. I'd like to get home and let them out more often to run around and get some exercise. As it is now, I have to wait until the weekend and hope for good weather to let them out. Poor kids only get out for a few hours once a week.

Hopefully as the days progress I can get home to give them some fun time in the evenings.

Today's Feed: Egg Mash, lettuce & tomatoes
Today's Eggs: Two
Today's Temperament: Sleepy and a little cold

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