Thursday, August 14, 2008

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?

As a part of having the chickens and having their food and the compost pile all be out in the yard, we get a variety of "visitors" who like to come out and snack on some of the bounty that is laid out each day.

We get tons of songbirds for starters, but we also get squirrels, deer, geese and bunnies

And groundhogs.

Yes, these two little stinkers live in our backyard. I think, under our garage. I'm sure one day the garage is going to sink into the earth becasue of them. And no, we haven't tried catching them yet. I don't mind them that much.

They do have a tendency to sneak under the chicken wire which makes up the coop yard fence. Their fat butts have previously pushed up the wire to the point that Napoleon was able to slip out. We put wood posts all along the bottom of the fence but we still need to do this in the new coop yard annex.

This morning I heard Napoleon squawking up a storm and thought something like a hawk or something was in there trying to get him. When we ran down the stairs and out the door we found that it was one of the groundhogs trapped in the coop and trying to get out!

Usually the chickens don't mind them when they get in the coop. Maybe today he was eating too much and they weren't happy about it.

We scared him so he ran into the brush and, I'm assuming, found his way out.

I'm sure he'll be back though!

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