Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Chickens Immortalized

I think it's safe to say that I am a huge Paraphernalia fan. I mean, I think I have a good 10 pieces now and I just love each one of them. In fact, I'm wearing my Anatomica skull necklace today!

I have a love of vintage illustrations and now I get to wear them. Miss Vanda has done a great job of sourcing and working with such unique images that I want almost everything.

But I have to say some of my particular favorites are, not surprisingly, chicken related.

In my original purchase, I bought the Fauna Claw necklace. I often look at my birds' feet and admire them for how perfectly designed they are.

And now, Vanda has just launched a new shopping site and continues to tempt me further!

Of course I had to have this Fauna Chickens bracelet. Doesn't it look just made for me! It even looks like my girls.

And I can't wait for this (because of course I placed an order right away) - the Menagerie Cpt. Poulet, Cultural AttachĂȘ Necklace. I mean, it is Napoleon! Right down to his military-inspired coat. And, even better, it's a locket! I may never take this off.

As always, I continue to be amazed and awed by Vanda's work. To celebrate her new site she is providing a 10% discount with the promotional code: YAYNEWSHOP.

So go! Shop!!!!

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