Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Still Remember

Even though it happend a few years ago and Michael Vick is out of prison and playing football again, the trauma is not over for the dogs he and his cohorts abused.

Meet Mel -

Mel is one of the dogs that was rehabilitated and adopted out but he still lives in fear... every. single. day.

I read about Mel just the other day and that sweet face and the words moved me to tears.

Richard Hunter has a new member of his household. That's him, quivering in the corner. Shaking uncontrollably. Convulsing. The 4-year-old is scared shitless.

"He lives in fear," Hunter says of his new best friend, Mel. "You would too if you'd been beating and traumatized your whole life."

Michael Vick is out of prison and back in the NFL. But the dogs he tortured - the ones he didn't kill, that is - will never escape his dark shadow.

"Mel's come a long way. We can pet him. He sleeps in bed with us," Hunter says. "But he's scarred for life. He's never barked. Never made a noise. There are times when he's just terrified."

Mel has a new canine friend now, Pumpkin, a 13 year old terrier, who helps take care of Mel...

Give the assist to Pumpkin. The two dogs hit it off, with the elder sensing the fear in his new introvert friend.

When a stranger enters Hunter's house, Mel freaks out. He grabs his monkey security blanket, slowly backs up into the corner and quivers. In front of him, standing as guard, is Pumpkin. And since Mel can't - or won't - use vocal communication, it's Pumpkin who barks for him, often waking Hunter late at night to find Mel at the back door needing a bathroom break.

You have to read the full article here. It is amazing and wonderful what the Hunter family went through to bring this sweet dog home. There is also a great article from Sports Illustrated a while back that talks about what these pups endured. Read that too.

But I couldn't just stop with writing about it here. I had to let my voice be heard by those that support Vick by employing him. I don't watch a lot of sports so boycotting is easy. That should be the first thing you do - boycott the NFL and the Eagles specifically. But I also had to write them both letters via the comment feedback sections of their sites. I wrote:

I just want you to know that we have not forgotten the evil done by Michael Vick and that there are still many many people who think you are total assholes for hiring him. The money he has paid and limited prison time he has done will never erase the abuse, horror and trauma he inflicted upon those defenseless animals.

The fact that you know his background and pay him buckets of money is beyond disgusting. I will never understand how you can live with yourselves as human beings when there are dogs like this still living with the trauma -

I will never support the NFL or your team while you support this sick individual.

Yes, it's harsh but harsh words are minor retribution for the pure evil he doled out and allowed. I hope you will feel equally enraged and let them know as well.

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Anonymous said...

I can think of a thousand bad things to happen to Vick and his buddies. They are subhuman to have committed these crimes against nature.