Friday, August 20, 2010

Vegan Beauty - Urban Decay's Vegan Color Palette

Image from Animal Friendly Shopping

I have not delved much into cosmetics here but I do consider it when I am shopping. I look for products with no animal ingredients or testing. The Be Nice to Bunnies app is great for when I'm shopping in the stores and I use the CCIC's Cruelty Free app, the Good Guide's barcode scanning app, or Don't Eat That app to make sense of all the ingredients.

But now more and more companies are making a point of stating they are vegan safe. Lindsay from Broke & Beautiful did a post today on Awakened Aesthetics on Urban Decay's new vegan eye shadow palatte. Animal Friendly Shopping did a review too.

Lime Crime has also just come out more eye shadows that are stated as containing no animal products. Their lip sticks do currently contain beeswax but I think they are looking into new formulations with out it. Beeswax is not often considered as an animal product (not sure why, bees are animals too) so always check the ingredients yourself no matter what the company says.

I don't buy a lot of make-up, so as I delve more into researching, I will share what I find out.

Buy the Urban Decay palatte here.

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