Sunday, October 10, 2010


People sometimes ask us if we mind if they eat meat in front of us.  If you ask me this and you really want an honest answer, not just the answer that will make you feel okay or that society expects us to say, it's going to be: yeah, I mind.

When you see this...

I see this...

It would be like some one killing your dog or cat or child in front of you and then eating it.   Do you mind???

Let me say it again... Yeah.  I mind.  

 If that makes you feel a bit uncomfortable, then maybe it's because you know you are eating what was once a living creature that had thoughts and emotions and a will to live a happy peaceful life.  Don't apologize to me for eating it in front of me (which I also get a lot), apologize to the animals.


Powered By Produce said...

I absolutely LOVE that you put this out there!

As vegetarians, we're constantly told not to be preachy or judgmental. I always find myself biting my tongue when meat comes up in conversation.

But why should I have to keep quiet as to not offend anyone, while they're sitting there offending me?

Anonymous said...

I LOVE this post!
I've been veg/semi-vegan for 20+ years. When we began having dinners with 2 other couples (not veg) they asked if we minded if they ate meat in front of us. I said "Since you asked, the answer is yes. I find meat offensive." They were both good about serving all veg meals.... for the first 2 or 3 dinner get-togethers... and then they started to sneak it in again... a bowl of shrimp here.... some sausages there.... needless to say we don't socialize with them anymore....
I find family members are particularly lacking in empathy here... even after all this time they can't seem to fathom a meal without meat!