Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Meet Turkeys, Don't Eat Turkeys!

We did this last year, and I'm happy to say we are participating again.   Farm Sanctuary does amazing work, and in honor of Jake, Meg and Gertie, we're sponsoring two turkeys this year.  I'm very thankful for the opportunity and for what they do to help animals.

Turkeys are cruelly abused for our "celebration" each year and as the caretaker of one of these gentle souls, I can't image the horror millions of turkeys go through, just to be a centerpiece on our table.

You can see the aftermath on the bodies of some of the animals that have come to the Farm.  Beaks cut and their snoods sliced off (without any care or anesthesia) as well as feet and toes docked.  Not to mention the day to day conditions they are bred into and forced to live in.

Here are our new adopted friends - Jordan and Kima. 

Jordan reminds me of our Jake and Kima looks like a sweetheart.

This year consider creating a new tradition and have a true Thanksgiving - spare the lives by taking animals out of your meal and then adopt a rescued animal at Farm Sanctuary (or donate to your favorite shelter or rescue group!)

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