Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Meet Maple

There's a new girl in town and her name is Maple!

Maple was found by our local animal control wandering the streets.  A friend of ours let us know that there was a sweet girl with a hurt foot who needed a home, so we went and picked her up.

Jake took to her right away.  He even acted as a bit of a buffer against Butterscotch and Telly as the pecking order was established.

Sadly her hurt got a bit worse so we took her to a local specialist who prescribed some antibiotics, pain meds and foot soaks.   For the last week Maple has alternated her time between the porch, the chicken "playpen" in the yard and a softsided crate when sleeping indoors at night.

She's been good about taking her meds and letting us care for her foot, but we weren't sure what to do this past weekend, as we had planned on going out of town.

Luckily, she was able to come with us!  She snuggled into the carrier for a five hour ride and was good the whole way.  A few chicken purrs and some bored feather preening and we were there.

Maple did manage to get out of her outdoor pen the first night but was no problem after that.  It was a bit warm but she cooled off in the grass and charmed family and friends.

It was actually kind of fun traveling with her.  Who wouldn't like having a sweet girl along for the ride?!?

Her foot is looking much improved and we will take her back for a check-up next weekend.   We want her to heal up soon so she can run around with the other chickens.  But I may actually miss her being up by the house too!

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MuleWagon said...

That's adorable! I would never have thought of bringing a hen along on a visit.