Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Story of Water

After watching Blue Gold: World Water Wars, I'm more and more focused on eliminating bottled water. We are no longer going to buy bottles for our Movie Nights and have reusable glasses that we keep in our cars (and glass straws!)

The Story of Water (by The Story of Stuff group) is a great synopsis of why bottled water is so bad for us, the environment, others and our wallets too!

It's easy reuse a cup and carry a bottle with you or find a water fountain.

Try it for a month and see how easy it is.


Blessed Rain said...

I have a BPA free large water bottle with me everyday all day. We bought and installed a reverse osmosis water for our home and now I have all the filtered water I could ever need on tap!
My hubby uses the water and water bottles as well but really likes carbonated flavored water from the store.
Now that we are moving - thankfully to a neighborhood that has recycling - these bottles will be recycled.

陳盈強陳盈強 said...
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