Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Meggie - 11.22.11

We are sad to report that our girl, Meggie, passed away last evening in her sleep.  We found her this morning and it is a bad dark day for us all. She had come to us just about four years ago and was a wonderful girl.

Jakey is very sad as well and we are talking to Red Dog Farm about what we can do to ensure that he stays happy and healthy.  We don't want him to be sad or lonely. 

Here are some fond memories of Meg:

We love you, Meg.


Em said...

I'm sorry to hear about your Nutmeg. I know the loss that comes with losing your pets. My chickies all were killed recently (by a neighbor's dog) and it still hurts to think of them.

Anonymous said...

I understand your pain- we recently returned home to find that some dogs belonging to our neighbours had dug under the chicken fence and mauled our three chickens, Bilina, Henny Penny & Michelle, to death. The three chickens that the neighbours gave us afterwards, Elizabeth Taylor, Natalie Wood & Marilyn Monroe, then managed to escape (no idea how still) while we were at work and havent been seen since. I feel sick about it all- my three girls being mauled to death and then the other three going missing.