Sunday, December 4, 2011

Meet our new girls - Butterscotch & Tellicherry

As mentioned in the previous post, our Meggie (Nutmeg) passed away on Tuesday before Thanksgiving. Jake was very sad and we knew he needed some companions.  So we spoke with Red Dog Farm, the rescue group that many of our animals have come from, to see if they had any hens who could be placed with us.  Lucky for us they did and we were able to bring home Butterscotch and Tellicherry (Telli for short) on Friday.

They are such pretty girls.  I have already taken a ton of photos of them, but here are a few...

Jake and girls get along great and he is already acting as their protector.  Telli and Butterscotch were perfect in the car home and became accustomed to their coop after just one night.

We're so happy to have new members of the family!

Welcome to Butterscotch and Telli!!!


LeAnn said...

Is there a best way to add new birds to your flock? That was one of the questions I've had and hope to have answered at the Mid-Atlantic Small Flock Poultry Expo being sponsored by the University of Maryland on Feb 4, 2012. They have a whole day of classes and activities for people like me and you with a small backyard flock. If any of your readers live in the area, they might want to check it out. Details are posted at http://carroll.umd-edu/ag/poultry.cfm

Lynn said...

Your chicken photographs are beautiful