Saturday, December 24, 2011

Beating Back Butter

One of the concerns that I had when we were making the switch to veganism was butter.  I love to bake and I love toast, especially toast slathered with butter and jam or cinnamon sugar.  So more than anything this was an ingredient that I worried about a bit.  But we are very luck to be vegan in a time when this is a total non-issue. 

Because there is EarthBalance!

EarthBalance is the greatest food product I know.  It comes in sticks and several spreadable varieties and because of it, I've never given the switch from dairy butter a moment's thought or concern. 

The sticks are perfect for baking and sauteing, just like dairy butter sticks.  It melts, separates and softens just like dairy butter and makes perfect flaky biscuits and pie crust too.

I've used this when making heavily butter-based cookies, like shortbread or the Mexican Wedding Cakes/Russian Tea Cakes shown below, with no change in the texture or flavor.  I've made rouxs and risotto and sauteed mushrooms too.

Here I've creamed two sticks with sugar when making the Tea Cake cookies.  Looks just the same, right?

with the added flour...

baked and nicely browned...


EarthBalance tastes and acts just like dairy butter but with out all the cruelty and cholesterol. In fact, I don't know why more bakeries and chef's don't use it exclusively.  You open up your menu to more people and reduce the negative elements. 

So, if you are ready to make some cookies (or want to make me some!) grab some EarthBalance and you are good to go!


Wild Onion Woolf said...

Looks fab ... Must find it and do a substitute

Wild Onion Woolf said...

Looks fab ... Must find it

Wild Onion Woolf said...

Looks fab ... Must try