Monday, February 9, 2009

Welcome Additions

While we continue to be very sad about the loss of Napoleon, we are still committed to caring for all of our pets in the best way possible.

I may have mentioned that Meg and Gertie were still a bit skittish about coming out of the coop. We have created some panels for over the coop yard to protect them and have also reinforced the coop and yard as well. That said, we've still not let them into the "new" yard area because that is where we found Napoleon.

The girls liked having a protector and looked to Napoleon for cues on what to do. Often times he would be keeping an eye out while the girls grazed around looking for food. With him gone they have had to do both and it makes them skittish.

We have decided to bring home an old friend. Jake the turkey was one of the first animals that I met at Red Dog Farm and I had fallen instantly in love with him. He was rescued from the hands of someone who didn't care for him at all and he was nearly starved. After his rescue he sat in a corner for two weeks without eating or moving but the loving care he received at RDF brought him back to life and health and he is now an amazing sight to see. He is very tall and extremely friendly, coming up to you right away to be petted and paid attention to. Right now he is getting stressed by a new rooster that was brought to RDF so we think coming to our place will be a better situation for him. We are honored that they trust us enough to take care of this wonderful boy.

And while I've long had a love for Jake, we are also going to take on more of a surprise addition too. Meet Miss Tulip (the black and white girl on the right) and her baby. Are they not precious?

These are pygmy goats so mamma will not get much bigger than 2 feet tall.

And her baby is as small and light as a kitten right now.

Gah! Just look at her!

The whole heard of 7 goats were rescued from another ignorant (I'm being kind) person who endangered their life by breeding one of the girls, Grace, to a regular sized goat. Consequently, the babies were too big and died, nearly killing Grace in the process.

We're very excited to bring these sweeties home. So not only will you be hearing about the chickens (and our other pets) but also about our new handsome turkey and how we learn to take care of these two girls as well.


Freya said...

such sweet new additions to your home!

tallulahfly said...

Congratulations and Good Luck!

Robin said...

Pygmy goats! I squealed when I saw them.