Sunday, March 8, 2009

Dust Bath

Not a lot of people nowadays get to see live chickens at all, but especially not in a natural environment, so I wanted to share these videos I just took of my girls. When the weather is warm and dry, the girls love to find a coop patch of clean dirt and have a lovely dust bath. Think of it like using a dry shampoo. Many animals use dust baths to absorb oils and keep away itchiness or parasites.

But I think the girls also just like to kick up the dirt and sand, roll around and take a nap in the sun.

Gertie especially loves napping. She lays on her side, spreads her legs out like a kitten and closes her eyes.

This is just one of the many natural behaviors that factory farmed chickens are not allowed to engage in. Something so basic and simple is denied them, just like roaming in the grass, seeing the sun, living a normal lifespan.

It's a horrible life I'm so glad I don't contribute to. And I'm glad that my girls will never be subjected to it.

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Amri said...

Our chickens like dust baths, too! I love watching them scratch and fluff up~it looks so fun! I am against factory farms.