Sunday, November 4, 2007

Free Range Sunday

The weekends are always an exciting day for the chickens, because that is the day they usually get to "free range" out in the backyard. We have just under three acres that is virtually unused so they get to get out of the pen yard (even though it is pretty big for three chickens), kick up the accumulated leaves in the bushes and eat grass to their heart's content.

Their coop is back behind our garage and off to the left going waaaay back is our backyard - so you can see they have lots o' room.

Here's a better view going straight back from the back of our house. Their coop building is off to the right of this picture. There is grass and trees and lots of bugs to chase around.

Many people let their chickens roam around because they are pretty territorial and won't go that far from their coop, but we live on a very busy road and I am totally paranoid that they are going to get too close to the road and get squished. This is a rare picture of our road with out cars speeding 15+ miles over the speed limit.

They had a very long day out of the coop today. We were working on some ongoing major coop improvements, which I will share with you later, and it took us about 5 hours to get done what we did. And we have some more to finish. But with the time change, we lost daylight around 5pm, so they headed in for the night and so did we.

Today's Feed: Egg Mash and lots of grass and bugs
Today's Eggs: Two! One fresh from Gertie during the day
Today's Temperament: Very very happy. They love the yard.

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