Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Lonely Chickens

Poor chickies. They didn't get to have their free-range day this weekend. And it gets dark so early, I don't think they will get to get out until the weekend. I'll be glad when it's December because I'm taking off for a while and they can get out much more often. Of course that means I'll have to sit outside with them... probably freezing or something.

They seemed okay while we were away. But I worry about them. The new pen fencing and roof reinforcements seems to be functioning well. A lot of leaves have not dropped yet, however. I'm sure we'll have to do a clean off prior to Thanksgiving now that the colder weather seems to have settled in.

The chickies missed out on their fresh food while we were gone too and they were out of the regular egg mash so we went to a pellet format, which I don't like for them as much. But they seem to be doing okay with it.

I think I just want to spend more time with them and I feel bad that I haven't.

Today's Feed: Egg Mash pellets, fresh corn, apples
Today's Eggs: None. They hate me, I know it.
Today's Temperament: Probably wishing they were in the yard

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