Wednesday, November 7, 2007

No-So-Warm Wednesday

It was quite chilly here last night and this morning. I'm sure the chickens were are snuggled in their hay keeping warm.

One of the things we like about the chickens and the main reason for keeping them is, of course, fresh eggs. You really can't beat fresh free-range eggs. Plus, we know the chickens are happier and healthier. They get to fun around, and get fresh veggies, fruit and grass and you can tell in the egg-iness of the eggs.

The husband eats eggs for breakfast about every other day. His favorite breakfast is to cook eggs over-easy on whole wheat bread from the Amish family at the farmer's market. It's soft and delicious.

Recipe is:
Two fresh egg-ies

Fry in pan

Serve over fresh bread to absorb up the vitamin rich, 1000% more flavorful yolk.


Today's Feed: Egg Mash, fresh white corn on the cob, apples, tomatoes
Today's Eggs: One
Today's Temperament: Sleepy

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