Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Monday morning

In spite of the pen roof only being half finished, the chickens, namely Napoleon, stayed in side the pen all day. Napoleon has lately been known for escaping by going over and under the chicken wire surrounding the pen, so I'm very happy he stayed inside.

When we first built the pen outside of the existing coop to give them a place to run around outside, we had not put a roof on. That had to be hastily corrected the next day when Napoleon flew over the 7-foot fence and chased my husband around the yard. Napoleon is not fond of other manly competition around his ladies.

So we had hastily constructed a "roof" by draping more chicken wire over the top. And it sagged, collected leaves and generally looked horrible. Months later we are finally fixing the situation. We've reinforced the fencing and are creating large wood squares is screening material to prevent escapes and potential hawks. Another advantage is that we can lift them up and knock all the leaves that collect there off.

When we get everything completed, I'll have to do a full coop/pen photo overview.

Today's Feed: Egg Mash, fresh white corn (on the cob), chopped fresh apples
Today's Eggs: None - too much running around yesterday.
Today's Temperament: Tired - I woke them up while it was still dark.

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