Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Tuesday Time

Today was a little overcast, so when I got the chickens up and out, I put their feed pan inside the coop so it would stay dry. If I put it out in the pen and it rains, the food turns to an oatmeal-like mush that I would be surprised if they ate. It just seems wasteful and gross. Unfortunately, this always totally confuses the chickens and they act like I've deprived them of their food for the day. Their water is inside, so I know they figure it out eventually, but I kind of feel bad.

Chickens just aren't that bright.

I also felt bad because with the new roof, the door to the coop interior is not held in place and the poor chickens got locked out most of the day. They were already snuggling down outside getting ready to power down for the night. I have to remember to open the small flap cut in the door so they can get in and out, even if the big door closes.

Today's Feed: Egg Mash and 2 apples
Today's Eggs: None
Today's Temperament: Chilly

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