Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Livin' for the weekend

I think the chickens live for the weekend because that is when they get to free range. This weekend was kind of hectic, but since we've been traveling and have more to do, I wanted to at least give them a few hours out in the yard.

The husband mowed the grass and did some yard stuff, but when he was done we let the chickens out to run around while I cleaned inside the pen and the coop and we raked the leaves off of the top of the screen. It was nice and sunny and warm and the chickens had a great time eating the freshly mown grass. Plus they found where we'd filled up the bird feeders so they ate up the spilled seed.

When the coop was all cleaned up, I pulled out the lawn chair to read a magazine while the gang continued to roam around. Napoleon loves when I sit down because he wants to jump up and sit on my lap. The minute I put the chair down he is running over to me to jump up and be petted.

Lately I've been sort of pushing him gently down so he goes into a sort of broody resting mode and he actually was falling asleep a bit. The girls will roam all over the yard but Napoleon wants to be held on my lap 75% of the time.

He's so small and warm. It's kind of cute.

Of course that lasts only until he pinches me with his beak.


Today's Feed: Egg Mash Pellets and lots of grass and bugs, For Monday they got corn & tomatoes
Today's Eggs: None! Stupid winter!
Today's Temperament: Very very happy. They love the yard.

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